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Xwindows Dock 5.6
miércoles, 01 de abril de 2009

Xwindows Dock 5.6 

Xwindows Dock 5.6

Xwindows Dock is a free application that adds an Apple Leopard OSX-style dock to the windows desktop. If you haven't used it, the Apple dock is the Mac version of the Windows taskbar.


The dock is one of the major difference between Windows and OSX and if you really can't live without it, Xwindows Dock might be a suitable alternative.


It is compatible with XP or Vista, and sits at the bottom of your screen. Due to this, it works best if your toolbar is moved to on side, and unlocked so it hides away. The Xwindows Dock is unmovable, which is a shame as the OSX version is not. It is attractive, well animated, and is highly customizable.


Like the OSX dock, Xwindows Dock features stacks, which is a cool way to view often used folders. Instead of opening a folder window, the contents pop up in a stack, and close when you click away from the window. On Xwindows Dock this works well, although if you stack a folder with many different icons in it, the effect on the dock is a bit ugly.


Overall, this is a great OSX dock clone. It's not quite as slick as the original, but for a free application it's very hard to complain.


Languages: English

OS requirements for XWindows Dock:
OS: WinXP/Vista
Minimum requirements:
Processor: 800 MHz
Memory: 256 MB
Free space: 10 MB
Screen resolution: 800x600
DirectX 9.0c




  • -Support languages ("Languages*.xml&quota ia iiaiai
  • -Supportskins ("ToolsXSkinMaker.exe and Config.txt&quota ia iiaiai also you can get images from "SkinsCurrent*.png"
  • -Start with windows
  • -Can edit file's types for sort them, such as: Video, Audio, Picture, Text
  • -Transparency of icon's reflection 0..100%
  • -Icon's size 32..100 pixels
  • -Icon's size when mouse is over 32..100 pixels
  • -Maximum icons in stack 8..18
  • -Space between reflection and icon -5..5
  • -Transparency of panel 0..100%
  • -Panel will hide in 0..3600 seconds
  • -Space between panel and screen 0..100 pixels
  • -Show indicators of applications in system
  • -Hide stack when it's deactivated
  • -Minimizewindowsinto the dock. It supports 2 effects: Default and Genie. Also you can change speed for minimize them
  • -Reaction to change directory. So when directory'll be changed dock's item jump or not. You can set options, such as: Added, Removed, Modified, Renamed
  • -Option to change position of dock. Above all windows or not
  • -Change icon's size of stack's grid ( 70-150 pixels )
  • -Option to show item's shadow
  • -Option to change position of dock on top when mouse is over


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